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Rutas del conflicto

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Rutas del Conflicto was originally born from the need to provide easy access to organized, trustworthy information about the armed conflict in Colombia. After building journalistic databases about information related to most of the massacres perpetrated since 1982, and using survivors' testimonials to correct and add data through the project "Yo Sobreviví" (I Survived), we are now focused on finding new ways to make public information gathered by judicial entities and journalistic investigations approachable to the public.

"Yo Sobreviví¨ aims to involve survivors of the conflict with the building of memory work. In this new chapter, Rutas del Conflicto also aims to connect urban internet users to the dynamics of a war that was much more intense in the regions farther away from main cities. In order to do this, we have explored audiovisual and interactive tools ideal for web storytelling such as data visualization and video.

The massacre database that started the project was funded and supported editorially by the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, and the website

Currently, the project partners with Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, Universidad del Rosario, en Bogotá, and, from Consejo de Redacción.

Rutas del Conflicto is mostly run by students and journalists from Universidad del Rosario. Óscar Parra, university professor, directs the project.


Con el apoyo de

Universidad del Rosario

Este sitio web y las aplicaciones para móviles mencionadas en este portal son un producto del Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, la Fundación y Todo el contenido de Rutas del Conflicto puede ser usado total o parcialmente siempre y cuando se cite como fuente a este proyecto.